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Addiction Counseling

with Jeff Price

Addiction Counseling is offered through The Center for Courageous Living for those wishing to explore their relationship to habitual and problematic behaviors or ways of thinking and relating. We also are aware that addictions are a family matter and therefore also serve family members whose lives are affected by addiction. Addiction counseling is not limited to alcohol abuse, alcoholism or the many forms of substance abuse (including nicotine and prescription drug abuse).

It could also mean looking at troubling relationships to food, work, relationships, sex, love, gambling, the internet, or a wide variety of other behaviors that might be having a negative impact on one’s well-being. Recovery from abuse and addictions takes great fortitude, stamina, focus, support and patience. Two things that we pay close attention to in Addiction Counseling are denial and relapse. “Denial” is a well-known obstacle to working with abuse or addictions. Denial is a process, typically unconscious, that is honed over time into an effective way of fending off threats to the addiction, allowing it to continue on its progressively ruinous path.

“Relapse” is also a process, also typically unconscious, that takes place during a period of abstinence. It can happen very quickly or over a long period of time, but the end result is a “picking up” of the addictive substance or behavior. Both denial and relapse are inherent parts of the addictive cycle that can be expected to arise as issues in a person’s recovery.

Please contact Jeff with questions or to schedule an individual session. He can be reached via email or at (303) 817-7565.