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Contemplative Individual, Couples and Group Psychotherapy

Contemplative psychotherapy is based on the belief that when a person grows, he or she will grow towards health and compassion. The mode is talk therapy that uses the “here-and-now” experience to gain greater awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Encouraging spontaneity with liberal doses of humor, the client and therapist together explore obstacles and hindrances to good health.

Couples can work at varying times with each other and individually depending on the issues being dealt with and the inclinations of the participants. Since the relationship is composed of two individuals, each with his or her own set of needs and skills, the health and well-being of the individuals takes precedence over the relationship itself. When this takes place in a group setting, the relationships in the group provide a more social context for further indicators of one’s personal unconscious patterns, as a group more closely resembles a person’s most common interactions in life outside the therapy room.

The dynamics of group process serve to highlight possible habits and ways of relating that one may be unaware of. It takes great willingness and courage to immerse oneself in a group process that is a lot more public than one would find in individual sessions. Typically, individuals, couples and groups meet once a week, but other schedules can be arranged.

Please contact Jeff Price with questions you have or to schedule your initial session.


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You can reach Jeff via email or (303) 817-7565.